Executive Assimilation in Atlanta

Ensuring the Success of an Officer-Level Appointment in Atlanta

New executive assignments are exciting. And they can be intimidating. The job is big, and the pressure is hotter than mid-summer in A-Town. In Atlanta or anywhere, success for new executives is anything but a given: nearly 50% of new executives fail within the first 18 months. Never do executives have more to lose or more to gain – the pressure is real.

We help new executives in Atlanta to assimilate successfully into new roles right out of the gate. To date, we’ve assimilated 30 executives in three years and each has been successful.

Are you considering executive assimilation in Atlanta? Here’s the full picture.

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What’s At Risk?


Failure Rate
Approximately 50% of new-to-role executives fail within the first 18 months.


Misaligned Culture & Expectations
Expectations and culture are not clearly communicated or understood; early missteps are made that cannot be overcome.


Low Trust
The key stakeholders may be resistant or even skeptical and they need to be won over quickly.


Legacy Team
Leadership approach is often a mis-match for the state of the talent and morale of an inherited team

The Proven Solution

Success Factor Profiling
Working with the leader to design a strategy for stakeholder sucess through a comprehensive charter.

New Leader Assimilation Exercises
Helping the leader align the team and build momentum through exerises and coaching.

Executive Coaching
Drive progress on the most important goals to help them stay on course.

Bermes Associates approach to Executive Assimilation has a 98% success rate in the Fourtune 500 environments.

How It Works

Our unique approach to assimilating new-to-role executives is the most innovative of our services. Using a unique three-pronged approach, we blend Success Factor Profiling with New Leader Assimilation exercises and ongoing Executive Coaching to bombproof any officer-level appointment.

Through our work together, new or newly-promoted executives start in-role fully understanding stakeholder expectations, empowered to navigate the corporate culture, and armed with the context they need to quickly align their teams. This combination allows them to execute on expectations more quickly, with less hesitation and while making fewer costly mistakes.

Pressure-tested extensively in the Fortune 250 market, this approach is a game changer for organizations that need to drive down their executive fail rate.

Our program with a leading corporation in the financial services industry, we earned a promotor score of 9.7/10 and dropped their executive failure rate to zero. (Yeah, they love us.)

Atlanta: Are You Ready for a New Approach to Executive Assimilation?

Being an executive in Atlanta is a tough job, but you can empower your new executives with the confidence and skills they need to succeed in-role. Reduce the risk of failure. Reduce the noise and chaos associated with a failed appointment.

Are you ready for a new approach? Let‘s talk to find out if coaching is right for you and your situation. The best way to do this is with a quick phone call with our team. Choose a time below for that initial 15-minute conversation and you’re one step closer to making this role stick. Or if you prefer email, contact us the old way.