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How to Pick the Right Executive Coach

Executives make or break companies. The right coaching, in turn, helps to make executives. So, choosing the right executive coach matters. But it’s not easy. There are many coaching styles and different approaches that work toward different outcomes. Not every approach will work for every executive in every situation.

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What is 360 Feedback?

Leaders can’t improve if they don’t understand what that means – if they don’t know where they’re weak, where they’re strong, and where they’re just blind.

Consequently, the first step toward improving role performance is often assessing it – which makes 360-degree feedback one of the most helpful tools in the executive-improvement playbook.

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Executive Missteps: How to Recover from Loss of Credibility

Loss of credibility is one of the toughest career setbacks for an executive to recover from. Leaders often equate their own credibility to the believability and relative weight that their ideas carry—but that’s only part of the equation. An executive can gain or lose credibility in a variety of ways. Here are the two most common causes—and how we coach leaders to recover from them.

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