Getting Out of the Workplace | 120 Seconds to Better Leadership

Do you have a coworker that you just don’t get along with? You try to communicate and understand their point of view, but you just can’t seem to see eye to eye?

This video is for you.

Get Out of the Workplace

I was in a coaching session today with two guys that are very interdependent, they have a very difficult time getting along. The bottom line is that they just weren’t communicating, so we’re working on that. And, the homework that I gave them between our sessions was super simple. It’s something that I actually used to do at my old career. It was to go out and have a beer together.

It’s not about the beer so much, but there is something nice that happens when you get two people together that can’t agree on things, out of the workplace in a casual setting and you talk about work and problems, but you also talk about other things, like family, and interests, and past careers, etc. And it’s amazing when you just get out of the workplace how it becomes easier to solve some problems that in the workplace feel like you’re never going to make headway on.

Talk Through Your Issues

So, it seems super simple but if there’s someone at work that you’re having a difficult time coming to agreement on, can’t get them to align, get them out of the workplace, take them for a cup of coffee, grab a beer, belly up to the bar, and just have a conversation about it, and I think you’ll be surprised how fast you can come to an agreement.

Emily Bermes