How to Avoid Information Overload | 120 Seconds to Better Leadership

What is Information Overload?

What I’m focused on right now is actually information overload. I happen to work with very high-achieving individuals, most of them are very avid readers, and this week is was very obvious to me how much this can be a problem for people. So, if you’re the sort of person who reads the leadership book of the month, what happens over the course of the year sometimes is that you become confused about how you’re supposed to lead, because every book has a different, you know, approach, or slant, or different competencies that you want to adopt.


Three Questions to Assess Your Leadership Style

And while I think reading is great, if you’re reading so much that it starts to make you question about your leadership style just stop for a moment and assess these three things. One – is your leadership style authentic to who you are? If so, good. Two – is your leadership style getting you the results that you expected? If so, good. Three – is your leadership approach appropriate to the situation that you’re in?


Put Down the Books

For example, you’re not going to lead a turnaround the same way you’re going to lead an organization. So, if you can answer “yes” to those three questions, yes, continue to work on yourself, but perhaps put down the books. Stop picking up a new leadership theory every month. It’s just going to confuse you about who you are as a leader, and it’s also going to confuse your people as your style keeps shifting underneath them.