How to Create a Great User Experience | 120 Seconds to Better Leadership

Today I want to talk about user experience. And by user experience I mean someone’s first experience with doing business with your company.

How’s Your Job Application Experience?

Something that I don’t think enough companies pay attention to is their employment experience. What’s it like to apply for a job at your organization? How streamlined is your selection process? How quickly are people getting back to qualified candidates? And how quick to offer are you? Too many organizations are stuck in the old days, and the employment process is too slow in this day and age. And especially in this employment market. People looking for jobs won’t tolerate it. They’ll quickly move past you to find organizations that were easier to work with or are more efficient. Work on those processes. 

How’s Your Vendor Experience?

I think it’s also important to consider as an organization, when you’re vetting potential vendors, vendors are also looking at you very much the same way.

If I’m in the sales process with your organization, if you’re kind and respectful of my time and make good use of our meetings, and ask good tough thought-provoking questions, that tells me that you know what you’re shopping for, that you’ll probably be good and interesting to work with.

But if instead you ask bad questions, or you ask rude questions, or you ignore me the first six months and expect me to keep calling, I probably won’t. Because usually what I’ve learned is what people are like to sell to, is also what they’re like to work with, and I like working with great people.  

From an organizational standpoint, when you’re thinking about how you’re externally facing, not just to your customers, but to your vendors and potential employees really think about the impression that you’re making. It really matters.