Leadership Alignment | 120 Seconds to Better Leadership

Prioritize Clarity

So often when I’m assimilating a new leader into their new team, when I’m asking the team what they really need and want from that new leader, it’s clarity among their peers. So often leaders are misaligned with their peers. What happens is if they’re not clear on who owns what, who’s accountable for what, what a good hand-off would look like between their teams, then you can imagine that lack of clarity just spills down deeper into the organization. This causes so much ambiguity and frustration and conflict and stress and a lack of productivity.

Streamline Your Organization

If there’s one thing you can think about doing today to help your organization function in a more streamlined, and effortless way, it’s take extra time to make sure that you and your peers align on things before you leave meetings, so that when you leave those meetings and you go out and talk to your folks, all those folks are hearing the exact same message. It’ll make for a much smoother organization.