Let’s Talk Legacy Planning | 120 Seconds to Better Leadership

What If Something Happens to You?

What’s on my mind this week is legacy planning. I’m having to really look at my own firm and decide, if I decided to stop working, or if, God forbid, I got hit by a beer truck, what’s the contingency plan for the firm? So, not the most fun things to think about, but I really think it’s important to always be thinking about the roles that we hold, the people that work for us, the clients we serve, and what would happen to us if something bad happened.

Develop Your People

It’s the most important reason to always be developing your people. It’s okay to develop your people, stand up an organization, and then move on because you’ve made yourself redundant. That’s an awesome story to tell. The story you didn’t want to have to tell is why you didn’t take enough time to prepare your organization for your departure, should you leave for another organization or if something unfortunate should happen.

What Would Happen To My Business?

So, always be thinking about, if I weren’t here tomorrow, what would happen to my organization? And if there are gaps, start filling them today. That’s what I’m working on. Hope you will, too.