Executive Coaching in Atlanta


Executive growth is the outcome of clear goals, honest feedback, and solid planning.

It’s not always easy - in fact, the pressure can feel heavier than Atlanta's summer heat. But, as an executive, growth is critical. Every executive has blind spots and strengths. Growth means understanding clearly what those are and leveraging strengths, but also shoring up weaknesses that may be getting in the way of the results the organization needs.

Our executive coaching service makes that process easier for Atlanta executives.

We help to give executives the accurate feedback that’s vital in facilitating growth. Then, we apply an analytical approach to achieving objectives that makes growth measurable.

In short, we empower executives to succeed.

Here’s the full picture.

The Problem

  • Culture Misalignment – An executive who has the skills and experience to succeed but has failed to understand the cultural nuances they need to be fully effective

  • Excessive Fail Rates – Executive turnover is causing misalignment, stalled business results, flailing teams

  • Initiatives vs. Reality – Intentions are good, but execution is falling short and no one quite knows why or how to help

The Solution

  • 360 Assessment – Get real, actionable feedback and a snapshot of current impact

  • Guided Action – Equipped with the assessment, a 100% customized coaching plan is created and aligned with the business need

How Executive Coaching in Atlanta Works

We develop leaders who can align a team, establish a vision, and mobilize results; these leaders attract and retain the best talent. As seasoned executive coaches, we have an average of 15 years’ experience customizing each client’s coaching journey to address the specific and nuanced challenges they face within their industry, their organization, and themselves.

We specialize in partnering with leaders at the VP through CEO level across all industries. Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Mining, High Finance, big Pharma, CPG, Health Care, Tech start-ups—when it comes to Atlanta businesses, we’ve been there, and we’ve done that.

Our Results

We measure our results via feedback from the direct managers of Atlanta executives with other sources of feedback. At the end of a coaching engagement, virtually all managers view the engagement as a success.

Feedback from an Atlanta client:

“Each individual leader experienced dramatic professional growth which improved our corporate culture which improved our results. These changes would not have been possible without Emily and her team’s expertise, compassion, intelligence, determination and humor.”


Are Your Atlanta Executives Ready for a New Approach to Executive Coaching?

Empower your executives with the confidence and skills they need to succeed in-role at your Atlanta organization. Reduce the risk of failure and give them the skills they need to enact vision, lead in a culturally acceptable way, and turn initiative into measurable results.

Are you ready for a new approach? Let’s talk.

We’ll discuss your objectives and put together a plan to help your executive grow into the leader your organization (and its people) needs.

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