Executive Assessment

Use executive Assessment to Get the Accurate Feedback That’s Vital for Growth

Blind spots are career derailers. If left unchecked, they undermine business results, too.

Too often, executives have gaping blind spots.

The challenges to accurate executive assessments are understandable: direct reports are hesitant to give negative feedback that could be politically damaging. And it’s easier for managers to avoid difficult conversations and sugarcoat reviews than it is to dig into the unvarnished truth. 

Accurate executive assessment is a proven path toward better leadership and better results.

Here’s the full picture.

The Problem

  • Honest Feedback – Getting truthful feedback from key stakeholders in real-time is, at best, rare for those who have reached the executive level.

The Solution

  • Executive Assessment – Get real, actionable feedback, like a snapshot of current performance with a comprehensive gap analysis, and a development plan that will close gaps quickly and prepare you for your next role so you’re successful and promotable.

How It Works

As an executive, your skills must evolve as you rise through the organization in order to be successful long-term. What got you here, indeed, will not get you there.

Leaders need to know where they stand today – and how well they are prepared to handle the next role or two. Executive assessment offers this visibility.

We’ve been assessing leaders for nearly twenty years and have a deep and wide-ranging database of tools to draw from. In-depth, interview-based 360’s, psychometric profiling, and career history assessments are among the tools we use to help executives fully understand their impact, limits, and better yet, how to move beyond them.

Painful? Sometimes. Helpful? Absolutely.

The Results of Our Executive Assessments

Our executive assessment outcomes are comprehensive feedback, a workable development plan, and a coach to back you up through its execution. Our fail rate for such assignments is among the lowest in the industry.  Our experience, passion and talent are our differentiators. 

Are You Ready to Get the Accurate Analysis You Need?

Eliminate sugarcoated feedback and chart a path toward real growth in the areas that matter.

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