Executive Coaching Services 


/ Executive Assimilation /

Our unique approach to assimilating new-to-role executives is the most innovative of our services. Using a unique three-pronged approach, we blend Success Factor Profiling with New Leader Assimilation exercises and ongoing Executive Coaching to bombproof any officer level appointment.

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/ Executive Coaching /

Our executive coaching practice provides executive clients with the validated, fact-based analysis they need to recognize where their own limitations are inhibiting results and create a clear, step-by-step plan to building the competencies that will yield their desired results.

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/ Executive Assessment /

Getting constructive, truthful feedback in real-time is one of the most difficult challenges for those who have reached the executive level.

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/ Team Optimization /

When a better or different business result is top priority, the way teams operate needs to change. Teamwork isn’t easy—we know that.

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The coaching you receive from Emily Bermes + Associates is second to none. It provides perspective and gives you the tools to drive your personal performance in a way that generates significant business value. An incredible tool for any senior leader in today’s business world.
— Peter Illian | Senior Vice President, Discover Financial Services