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In her 15+ years as a management consultant and executive coach, Emily has worked with more than 1,000 executives. In partnering with leaders from Fortune 500 and 100 companies to industry-shifting startups, Emily has a deep and nuanced understanding of the trends, skillsets and the human capital strategies that shape today’s leadership conversation. Emily is a sought after expert on topics including:

  • Executive assimilation: ensuring successful assimilation of VPs, SVPs and C-suite executives in complex corporate environments

  • Cultural alignment, including how to create high performance teams and the strategies and characteristics the most successful corporations share

  • Leadership development, especially related to how to optimize leaders impact in their current roles and how to prepare them to successfully take their next career step

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Emily also shares her expertise on leadership through speaking and has engaged business executives from corporate retreats to national conferences. 

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 / Case Study /

Emily designed and led an executive assimilation program for a financial services Fortune 500 company to increase success of new-to-role officer appointments. The Fortune 500 organization was experiencing an increase in fail rates for their new officer level appointments which was negatively impacting all aspects of the business: results, revenue, morale, loss of business momentum and more. To date, we successfully assimilated 18 VP and SVP executives. We achieved 100% success rate, where industry standard is 50%, and earned a net promotor score of 9.7 out of 10. You can read more about the specific challenges this organization was facing, and how we helped, here. 

Each individual leader experienced dramatic professional growth which improved our corporate culture which improved our results. These changes would not have been possible without Emily and her team’s expertise, compassion, intelligence, determination and humor.
— Jim Dass | CHRO, Ciner