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From Fortune 100s to Startups, Emily Bermes + Associates Have a 99% success rate as measured by Direct Managers.


Meet Emily Bermes

Combining more than 15 years of experience as a partner level management consultant and executive coach with her background as a quantitative researcher, Emily is a master at creating customized, elegant solutions for the toughest organizational and human capital challenges.

Emily specializes in working with VP through C-level assimilations, primarily in medium and large corporations. She’s successfully assimilated executives across multiple industries, including Bio-tech, Pharma, CPG, Banking, Commodity (all in Fortune 500 environments), as well as Life-sciences, Healthcare, Health Insurance, Technology, Advanced Manufacturing and Mining in the publicly held, mid-cap sector. 


  • Assimilated 18 VP and SVP executives at a Fortune 500 financial services organization with 100% success rate.

  • Led a successful culture change initiative for a Fortune 1000 international mining company that resulted in a 300% stock price increase.

  • 15+ years working with over 1000 executives.


Executive Coaching Engagements

We help to give executives the accurate feedback that’s vital in facilitating growth.

Then, we apply an analytical approach to achieving objectives that makes growth measurable. In short, we empower executives to succeed.

Here’s the full picture.

The Problem

  • Culture Misalignment – An executive who has the skills and experience to succeed but has failed to understand the cultural nuances they need to be fully effective

  • Excessive Fail Rates – Executive turnover is causing misalignment, stalled business results, flailing teams

  • Initiatives vs. Reality – Intentions are good, but execution is falling short and no one quite knows why or how to help

The Solution

  • 360 Assessment – Get real, actionable feedback and a snapshot of current impact

  • Guided Action – Equipped with the assessment, a 100% customized coaching plan is created and aligned with the business need

  • Continued Feedback - Performance is continually measured against goals, feedback is incorporated, and training is optimized for success.

The Results

  • Executives are empowered to provide better results for organizations.

  • At the end of a coaching engagement, 99% of reporting managers view the engagement as a success


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