Corporate Workshops

In her 15+ years as a management consultant and executive coach, Emily has worked with more than 1,000 executives. In partnering with leaders from Fortune 500 and 100 companies to industry-shifting startups, Emily has a deep and nuanced understanding of the trends, skillsets and the human capital strategies that shape today’s leadership. 

These workshops offer executives rare, real-time insights into what it takes to make it past the do-or-die 18 month mark and how to not just survive their executive experience but truly thrive in it. They are fully customized to include each corporation’s specific executive assimilation challenges and can run from two hours to full-day experiences.

The Workshop

/ Your New-to-Role Guidebook: What the Most Successful Executives Know + Do /

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Learn the industry’s best-in-class assimilation strategies for making your new-to-role transition a success.

Promotions are enormous victories. But when you reach Director-level and above, they can be make-or-break time in a person’s career. This is because 50% of executives fail within their first 18 months in role. With Baby Boomers retiring and (much smaller groups) Gen X and Millennials assuming executive roles earlier in their careers, with fewer learning cycles, there simply aren’t enough “executive ready” leaders to fill the next big roles, meaning this problem is only likely to get worse.

Most executives fail not because they’re not smart enough, capable enough or passionate enough about the job at hand. They fail because they alienate important stakeholders through early missteps that they simply can’t recover from and because they overemphasize performance driven markers of success—while neglecting the more crucial interpersonal skills and strategies needed to successfully assimilate.

In this interactive workshop, seasoned Management Consultant and Executive Coach Emily Bermes will arm Directors, VPs, SVPs and C-level Executives with:

  • The most common—and most damaging—mistakes executives make within their first six months and what strategies to adopt instead

  • A step-by-step roadmap for navigating the competing tensions that arise from every executive’s three masters: Culture, Team, and Business Need.

  • Market-tested survival tips for navigating enormously challenging situations with thoughtfulness and greater ease.  The first six months are always a doozy—these strategies will help.  

The Impact

/ Attendees will leave With /

  • the industry’s most effective and impactful assimilation tools and strategies, straight from the trenches

  • a thorough understanding of when and how to apply each new tactic

  • increased confidence in their ability to navigate their next promotion successfully.