How to Maintain Your Work Life Balance | 120 Seconds to Better Leadership

This vlog is really about work-life balance, which none of us have, let’s be real, but we do have to blend it all together in proportions that work for us and sustain us. And if you’re someone who travels for a living, like me, three to four times a month I’m on a plane going somewhere to do something for other people.

Take Extra Time 

And if that describes you, here’s a tip, if you haven’t figured it out already. If you go somewhere cool, and by cool I mean you haven’t been there before, there’s something interesting to see or experience there, and it’s out of your norm, take extra time. Take that as a sign from the universe that you need to spend two, three extra days there to experience whatever that location has to offer.  

For me, this week, I’m in Arizona, I did a keynote presentation at a conference this week, it went well, I’m super happy about that and I’m even more happy that it’s over. My tradition is to take extra time, my husband’s flying out, he’ll be here in about five minutes, which means I need this video to go well, and we’re going to go to the Grand Canyon, which, I’ve never been, which feels really overdue.  

See the Sights

If you’re a road warrior, you’re on the road, you travel a lot, it’s a grid, it’s fine for most locations go, get home, be with your family. And if you go somewhere that’s fairly cool, take two, three, four extra days to go to the spa, see the sights, rest and rejuvenate, and you’ll be better for it.